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String Hook - Wide

Kahler CAM String Hook - Wide PN# 9408
Kahler CAM String Hook - Wide PN# 9408
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Wide brass string hook for all Kahler CAM guitar tremolo systems.

These wide string hooks with a slot cut at .090 are for anything above a .048 string. Get this wider slotted hook instead of trying to use a string that has to be forced or wedged into the slot of a standard size string hook where it will eventually break.

For strings below .048 use a 9407 or 9409 standard string hook, depending on which you already have.

Fits all new and old Kahler CAM style guitar tremolos including the Flyer. Fixed Kahler guitar bridges use a two piece string hook: 8407 string hook and 8408 lever.

Changing a string hook is easy, see our guide for Installing a string hook.

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