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String Hook - Standard

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Standard die-cast string hook for original 80's Kahler CAM tremolo systems.

Use these if the other string hooks on your tremolo look the same, with a seam down the center. If you don't see a seam, then you have a newer model Kahler and should use the 9409 string hook. Older models had the logo on the side shoulders, newer models have the logo across the back, just behind the tuners.

Only use these string hooks for string gauges between .008 and .048 and use the 9408 wide string hooks for anything larger.

Fits all new and old Kahler CAM style guitar tremolos including the Flyer but you should use a matching set as described above. Fixed Kahler guitar bridges use a two piece string hook: 8407 string hook and 8408 lever.

Changing a string hook is easy, see our guide for Installing a string hook.

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