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Standard Arm

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Standard arms fit all Kahler CAM system guitar tremolos.
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Comes with a solid milled brass tip that is either plated Chrome (C), Black (K), Black Nickel (Z), Gold (G) or Brass (B) and screwed onto a polished, 3/16", 303 Stainless Steel arm. The "Standard" arm is the most common Kahler arm. They have been standard equipment on Kahler CAM systems for 38 years. They dip with class and elegance but if you prefer a more sinister approach, take a look at the Heavy Metal 8539 arm to help satisfy that darker side in you!

Fits new and old Pro, Hybrid, Flyer, X-Trem and "Gibson" stamped Kahler bridges. This does not fit the fulcrum models such as the 2720 Spyder, 2710 Killer, 2760 Steeler or 2500/2520 Traditional. The fulcrum arm had no tip and is part 8530. Does not fit bass tremolos. Bass tremolos also use arm 8530.

These are the original 303 stainless steel arms that came stock on all cam system guitar tremolos during the 1980's. Plated arms were discontinued many years ago because the plating would peel from constant bending. These can be re-bent in a vise to your desired angle.

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