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#105, 8325 Fine Tuner Lever Pin

Kahler Traditional Fine Tuner Lever Pin PN# 8325
Kahler Traditional Fine Tuner Lever Pin PN# 8325
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The Kahler 2500 Traditional fine tuner lever pin is the pivot pin for the fine tuner levers that hold the fine tuner knobs.

It works like this,.. When you turn the knob, the shaft presses against the lever, pulling the string tighter, thus giving you fine tuning capabilities. Pulling this pin out to replace a broken lever can be a problem. The trick is not to damage the butt end that is pinched by the base metal. First you must peel away the pinched metal somehow so the pin slides through the pinched area freely. Try not to tap the pin out with an awl type device as the end will flare and wont pass through the levers. Instead try and wedge a small flat screwdriver between the pin end and the base wall end. with a wiggling motion, try and push the pin out some. If your lucky, the pin will extract easily. Some WD-40 would help in the extraction and re-assembly of the pin.

Length: 0.0000 in
Width: 0.0000 in
Height: 0.0000 in
Weight: 0.2000 oz
Packaging: 0.0000 kg
Units in box: 1