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Kahler Locknut Clamp Plate PN# 9525Kahler Locknut Clamp Plate PN# 9525
Product Code: 9525

#197, 9525 Locknut Clamp Plate

This is the clamp plate that is used on all Kahler locknuts.

Locknut clamp plates are affixed on top of the locknut base.  The locknut clamp plate is roof shaped with an offset hole and no threads. The clamp plate screw passes through the clamp plate and screws into the base. But first a little education... 

This is for a locknut,... NOT a stringlock. Locknuts and stringlocks are two different types of locking devices that do almost the same thing. It goes like this:

Locknuts always sit at the end of the fret board and incorporate the nut (the slotted part on the neck where the string vibration stops). It's both a lock, and a nut... it's a locknut.

Stringlocks are slightly different because they are attached to the head stock downhill from the nut and is just the "locking" portion. In other words, they only lock the strings so it's simply called a stringlock. 

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