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5362 10/32 Stratocaster Arm- Right

Startocaster Arm - Right PN# 5362KP
Startocaster Arm - Right PN# 5362KP
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The whammy arm sports the same super durable 303 stainless steel rod that Kahler arms are made of. Excellent as a backup or spare.

These have a plastic seamed bullet tip. However, you can slip on any colored Fender bullet tip. These are perfect for a spare in the case because if didn't already figure it out... arms will grow legs and run off when you need them the most. Will fit Kahler CAM systems or Fender USA tremolos with a 3/16" arm hole.

Length: 0.0000 in
Width: 0.0000 in
Height: 0.0000 in
Weight: 2.0000 oz
Packaging: 0.0000 kg
Units in box: 1