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#043, 8394 Fine Tuner - Flat

Product Code:8394
This flat top fine tuner knob with a 6/32 thread is for the Kahler Flyer tremolo system or the Kahler 2500 and 2520 Traditional fulcrum models. However...
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There were two types of knobs used for the Traditional models. Yours may have the flat top 6/32 with course threads or a dome top 6/40 fine thread. Inspect your bridge to see which one you have. This is the flat top knobĀ and other one is #106, 8385 dome fine tuner.

Length: 0.0000 in
Width: 0.0000 in
Height: 0.0000 in
Weight: 0.2000 oz
Packaging: 0.0000 kg
Units in box: 1