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#072, #078, 8320 Pivot/ Riser Screw

Kahler Pivot Set Screw PN# 8320
Kahler Pivot Set Screw PN# 8320
Product Code:8320
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This is the Kahler saddle riser or lock screw for the guitar CAM, FLYER and fixed bridge guitar systems.

This is the saddle locking screw for the guitar CAM systems and fixed bridge systems that holds the saddle in place after you adjust the string spread... or it can be used for lowering your CAM and fixed bridge saddle even lower than the factory setting. It's also the saddle riser screw for the FLYER tremolo.

Length: 0.0000 in
Width: 0.0000 in
Height: 0.0000 in
Weight: 0.1000 oz
Packaging: 0.0000 kg
Units in box: 1