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Licensed Floyd Rose

We carry parts for the Licensed Floyd Rose Versions. See them below.

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This is the Kahler fulcrum spring claw that you always find in the spring cavity on the back of guitars that use a...


These are the proper tension fulcrum springs for Kahler and Schaller tremolos.


Turn your fulcrum into a dive only bridge. This Kahler fulcrum tremolo stop fits any guitar that has a back plate to...


This is the complete Schaller tremolo arm module only. It fits all collar type Floyd Rose arms that have 2 pins on the...


This is the Schaller Floyd Rose fine tuner that you turn to fine tune the strings.


This is the M6 tremolo arm with 1.0 threads that was used on many 80's and 90's imported guitars with Licensed Floyd...


This is the complete Schaller Floyd Rose Original OFR saddle assembly for string position 1-6.


This is Schallers best top of the line steel post for all Floyd Rose tremolo systems.


This is the Schaller in body anchor for all Floyd Rose posts.


This is the saddle block for all Floyd Rose systems.


This is the bolt for the Schaller Floyd Rose Original tremolo saddle.


This is the saddle lock screw for all Schaller made tremolos including the Floyd Rose and all its variants.


This is the tremolo arm with friction collar for the Original Schaller Floyd Rose OFR system.


This universal Allen key set contains the three most used keys for all Schaller/ Floyd Rose products.