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All replacement parts listed on this page are for the 5513 Standard and 5514 Deluxe "after the nut" stringlocks only.

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Since the late 70's, the Kahler 5513 stringlock has been adorning head stocks all over the world!


Since the 80's, the Kahler 5514 Deluxe stringlock has been the easiest and simple locking device!


The pivot pin is an important part of the Kahler Deluxe stringlock assembly.


This is the after the nut stringlock mounting screw and also doubles as the top mount string director mounting screw.


This is the Kahler 5514 Deluxe stringlock thumbscrew.


This Kahler V head clamp screw that fits all 5513 Standard stringlocks.


This universal set contains all the Allen keys that are used for all the Kahler models.


This is a flat shim for the 5513 and 5514 "after the nut" stringlocks.


This is a concave shim for the Kahler 5513 and 5514 "after the nut" stringlocks.


This is the Kahler Deluxe stringlock wedge.


This is the Kahler Deluxe stringlock lever that you actuate to lock the string.


This is the washer that the Kahler Deluxe Stringlock uses.


This is the clamping plate that is used for the Kahler after the nut 5513 and 5514 stringlock that goes up under the...